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Margaret Coleen (Sunny) Beetem is an artist and writer living in Colorado. She has published three children’s books and a novel. Her books come with beautiful reproductions of hand-made illustrations. “Deer Lady” provides an opportunity to discuss what is required in the transition from the girl to the woman. “Charlie Wilson’s Worries” include being a Confederate soldier. “Remember the Song” is a song of the self. These are all entertaining educational books for you and your young people. Two more titles are scheduled for Second Quarter 2021.

“Margaret Coleen’s books are derived from the fantastical merging of imagination, real world issues and youth growing pains. She explores the journey in vivid detail, showering the reader with descriptive elements in far-away lands that come to life.”  -J Chakounis

For more of her poems and biography, go to the Margaret Beetem Personal Page or look at her Digital Portfolio.

Sunny’s Digital Portfolio

One Still Voice

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What if you woke and saw strangers fighting one another to survive? You realize society is collapsing before your eyes. What if the balance of power shifted on a universal scale?

Everyone knows that something is about to happen. Everyone making it up along the way. Almost everyone has abandoned hope.

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