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The works of Margaret Coleen for various ages come with beautiful reproductions of hand-made illustrations. You and your young person can spend hours revisiting them and always find something new. “Deer Lady” provides an opportunity to discuss what is required in the transition from the girl to the woman. “Charlie Wilson’s Worries” include being a Confederate soldier. “Remember the Song” is a song of the self. These are all entertaining educational books for you and your young people. 

“Margaret Coleen’s books are derived from the fantastical merging of imagination, real world issues and youth growing pains. She explores the journey in vivid detail, showering the reader with descriptive elements in far-away lands that come to life.”  -J Chakounis

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Brass Word Publishing Bookstore provides original fiction for all ages and also home schooling materials from the public domain.

Sign Out, Shut Down, Unplug

The issue in off-grid schooling is not the schooling. Homeschooling requires at least one child and an adult who can read and write in one language. The next step seems difficult because everybody is more or less institutionalized in the United States in 2021. No computer, smart phone, or the Internet is required to homeschool children. Leaving the compulsory education system is an act of nullification over compulsory education and the indoctrination attached to it. Unplugging from the network is the act of a sovereign individual.